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I appreciate any opportunity to share my passions with you and your family. Being a teacher with integrity, character, and responsibility is something I try to show in each lesson. I take pride in shaping my students into great performers and musicians. I am happy to answer any and all questions you might have.

More About Me!

Apart of this community:

I have lived in Shady Shores since 2018 and have fallen in love with this community. While teaching private lessons for the past 5 years, I started managing a lesson studio in Corinth and gained experience I will carry with me forever. 

The Power of In-Home Lessons:

I have grown a passion for in-home and online lessons for many reasons. One, being in the students home allows the student to feel comfortable during a new and challenging activity. This gives me the chance to focus on their learning and developing their skills. Another benefit is the ability for me to asses homework practices and advise the best solutions to work on challenging concepts and lessons.

Inside YOUR home:

I know the thought of having someone in your home comes with many questions.. Please feel free to contact me with any and all concerns, questions, or curiosities!

"I have carpet, is taking your shoes off too much to ask?"  -Of course not!

"Will my families pets bother you during the lesson?" -I LOVE furry friends! 

No request is too large when considering the comfort and energy of your home, it is always worth asking!

I want to thank every family and student in advance for the chance to be a part of your home, life, and musical journey. If you give me the opportunity to share my passion with you, I will not let you down. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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